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Things to Do When You Have to Stay at Home

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Today I thought we would talk about things to do when you have to stay at home

People are holing up in their homes in attempt to flatten the curve, and working from home, and homeschooling their kids because schools are closed.

But what is there to do during a lockdown or stay at home order to keep busy? PLENTY!

In this post I wanted to share some ideas to pass the time. This post won’t be about anything related to the health advice part (I’m not a doctor and there’s enough media frenzy on that topic).

So let’s talk about some fun, healthy and productive things you can do by yourself or with your family to make the most of this time at home.

What is the most important thing to do when you have to stay home?

STAY POSITIVE. This will pass, do not let yourself get swept up in the fear and panic. Everything will be okay!

What to do if you’re sick during the lockdown?

If you’re sick, STAY HOME. Drink lots of fluids and get in touch with your doctor via phone or app first (unless it’s an emergency).

I can’t say enough good things about virtual doctor visits, and they can help screen you to see if you need to go in.

What to do if you’re NOT sick but have to stay at home?

Find some inspiration in this list of things to do during a shelter in place order to pass the time! You definitely don’t need to leave home to keep yourself entertained.

What to Do During a Quarantine

There's plenty of things you can do to keep entertained while quarantined! These are just a few ideas to get you started.

Explore new music (and dance!)

Now's a great time to wander down an unexpected playlist on your favorite music streaming platform. Experiment with a new band or genre. Get up and dance! Play things that make you feel good!

Catch up on projects

Make a list of allllll the things you've been meaning to do around the house and start pecking away at what you can. Turn it into a challenge to see how many you can do in 2 weeks.

Purge the clutter/Spring Cleaning

Get an early jump start on your spring cleaning by purging all the junk you find in your closets. Donate to a charity if you can.

Learn a new art/craft skill

Drawing, painting, knitting. There's tons of tutorials online and many are free! Bonus points if you have the supplies laying around already.

Learn a new language

There are SO MANY ways to learn a new language, and what better time to start than during a quarantine? You have your own undivided attention and loads of time to kill! There are plenty of free/cheap apps or YouTube lessons so pick a language and get fluent!

Learn a musical instrument

This one only works if you HAVE an instrument or if you can order one online but if you've been stashing that ukulele you bought in 2009 under your bed, now's the time to dust it off. Get some online lessons or hit up YouTube and start making your own beautiful music.

Catch up on household chores

Ok I know, this one is boring BUT if you're gonna be stuck in your house, being productive AND making your house feel more like a cozy hidey hole isn't a bad use of your time during a quarantine.

Spend time outside

If the weather cooperates, go for a walk! Go hiking. Lay out and read a book on the deck (just don't forget the sunscreen).

Indulge in a new or existing hobby

A quarantine is a great time to pick up a new hobby or revive a forgotten one. Especially if you've told yourself you haven't had time to indulge!

Teach your pet a new trick

Training pets requires focus and time. And during a quarantine you'll have plenty of both! Your pet will be so excited to spend the extra time with you!

Watch movies

This is a great time to revisit favorites, share your old childhood faves with your kids, or nestle in to watch the movies you've been putting off because you haven't had time.

Do your taxes

Boooooooringggg I know but in the interest of using the quarantine in a productive way, this is a great thing to check off your list. The IRS has not yet announced any extensions due to the coronavirus so it's better to be prepared.

Daily exercise

Now's a GREAT time to start that exercise regimen you've been putting off since New Year's. Go for walks, do some fitness videos (there's TONS online) or use that gym equipment you have been using as a coat rack. Not only will it get you moving and increase endorphins but it can help keep your body healthy enough to fight off any germs you might pick up during the quarantine.

How can you help your friends during a lockdown?

Share this list!

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