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Comments Policy

First and foremost:

We LOVE your comments!

Your comments, insights and information are always encouraged and appreciated!

It has long been my belief that the comments in a post engage readers in conversation that can benefit the whole. Readers often share great, valuable information that I forgot to add, or was unaware of. This makes the experience better for everyone, and THAT is what the comments section is for! Shared knowledge complements and civil concerns are welcome in the comments
That being said, An Exercise in Frugality reserves the right to remove comments for any reason, however if you follow the guidelines below, there should be no reason to remove your comment.

Be respectful– Comments that are inflammatory, rude, or “trolling” in nature will be removed. This includes hate speech, offensive language, or personal threats/attacks.

Do not solicit– Solicitation, spam or directing to “competitor” sites is not appreciated and those comments will be deleted. This is nothing personal, I am sure whatever you are posting about is great, but I work hard on this site and would like to keep my readers.

Don’t break the law-If you are sharing files, pirating, infringing on copyright, suggesting illegal or fraudulent use of coupons or selling/giving away or suggesting the creation of counterfeit coupons will be deleted immediately, and reported to the proper authorities.

If there is an issue with one of my  posts that you feel is incorrect, misleading or your intellectual property that has not been properly cited, please contact me at and we can discuss its removal/proper citation. I never willfully post information without citing its source unless none is given, but if this occurs, please contact me via the above email address so that I may rectify the situation, rather than spamming my comments section.