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Category: Budget Wedding

Anyone can have a frugal wedding but it takes a little creativity to make a budget wedding really stand out! It’s possible to have a gorgeous wedding without spending a fortune. We’ve got some great ideas to have a unique wedding on a budget based on our very own budget friendly wedding!
Planning a budget wedding can be tricky, but these tips will make stretching your wedding budget much easier.
Take a peek at these unique, budget-friendly wedding ideas from An Exercise in Frugality.


I Said Goodbye to the Dress…

  You might have noticed things have gotten mysteriously quiet around here lately. I promise I haven’t forgotten about you all, nor have I given up on blogging (far from it!) but things have gotten suddenly and intensely busy around here at Chateau Frugality. A few weeks ago, my parents visited us in Oregon. They …

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5 Secrets to a Successful Budget Wedding

Budget Wedding Secrets

Psst, hey you. Want to know the secret to throwing the budget wedding of your dreams? Keep reading!  I cannot believe how much time has flown by since we got married! I remember frantically planning and executing our budget wedding-we got engaged in November and our wedding was the following August. Not a lot of …

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DIY Cake Stands

DIY Cake Stands

  Ok, I have a confession to make. If you’ve been a reader for a while, you might remember my $5k Wedding Wednesday series. Before I got married last August, I wrote a weekly series of posts about how to throw a budget wedding on just a $5,000 budget. Well my wedding was great, but …

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$5k Wedding Wednesday: How to Make Hotel Bags for Out of Town Guests On A Budget

There’s a growing trend lately. Maybe it’s because of the influence of Pinterest, but lots of brides are now putting together goodie bags for their out of town guests. “Hotel bags” or “welcome bags” as they are known (usually given out at the hotel either by the concierge or delivered to each guest room) can …

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