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Saving Money

Tips, ideas and strategies for saving money. Saving money doesn’t always mean going without. You can get creative and save money lots of ways to spend on things you love.

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays will be here quicker than you might think so to start the preparations early for a change, let’s talk about unique Christmas gift ideas. Now, I don’t mean unique like that weird thing that Aunt Judy knitted for you (Is it a hat? Pot holder? Toilet paper cozy?). Nope. When I say unique …

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Ava and Viv plus size clothing at target

Cheap Plus Size Clothing

Finding affordable clothes can be tricky for anyone, but finding trendy AND cheap plus size clothing is always extra difficult. Not as many places sell plus size clothing, and when you do find a place that sells plus size clothes that aren’t frumpy, chances are they are EXPENSIVE. And if you’re anything like me and …

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