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Unique Christmas Gift Ideas

The holidays will be here quicker than you might think so to start the preparations early for a change, let’s talk about unique Christmas gift ideas. Now, I don’t mean unique like that weird thing that Aunt Judy knitted for you (Is it a hat? Pot holder? Toilet paper cozy?). Nope. When I say unique …

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Driving Jobs Using Your Car

Shania Twain once sang “Okay, so you’ve got a car. That don’t impress me much”. But what DOES impress me is when someone turns their car into a literal money making machine! If you have your own vehicle (or even reliable access to one that isn’t necessarily in your name) you can start using that …

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DIY Rustic Sideboard

Don’t tell anyone, but this rustic, farmhouse sideboard is actually an Ikea hack! You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but this white sideboard buffet cabinet is actually three of the Ikea Rast chests pieced together! We also added some rustic pipe shelves that I am absolutely in love with! The stained wood shelves …

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