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DIY Rustic Sideboard

Don’t tell anyone, but this rustic, farmhouse sideboard is actually an Ikea hack! You wouldn’t know it by looking at it, but this white sideboard buffet cabinet is actually three of the Ikea Rast chests pieced together! We also added some rustic pipe shelves that I am absolutely in love with! The stained wood shelves …

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teacher writing on a blackboard with chalk

Best Side Jobs for Teachers

Lets be real: we all know teachers are underpaid. There’s no shame in looking for summer jobs for teachers, or side jobs for teachers. Teaching truly is a passion project. A labor of love. Most people (okay all people) don’t get into teaching for the money. But that doesn’t mean that teachers should have to …

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Ava and Viv plus size clothing at target

Cheap Plus Size Clothing

Finding affordable clothes can be tricky for anyone, but finding trendy AND cheap plus size clothing is always extra difficult. Not as many places sell plus size clothing, and when you do find a place that sells plus size clothes that aren’t frumpy, chances are they are EXPENSIVE. And if you’re anything like me and …

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The Best Jobs Without a Degree

What are the best jobs without a degree but pay well? Despite what your parents might try to tell you, college isn’t the ONLY way to go. While getting that expensive piece of paper can be a good idea, and definitely makes things easier when looking for jobs, folks have many reasons for choosing not …

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