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Health and Wellness

Health and wellness posts featuring tips, stories and advice regarding both physical and mental health and wellness. Stories about my personal struggles with diabetes, depression, anxiety, PTSD and ADD/ADHD. Self care ideas and natural coping strategies. Low carb living ideas and more.

How to Beat the Winter Blues

Winter blues got you down? Here’s 5 easy tips to help lift your mood! If you’ve got (or get) the winter blues, come sit by me. You’re in good company. Growing up in Minnesota, I thought I knew truly bad winter blues. We get some extremely harsh winters here, with temperatures often well below zero, …

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Holiday Anxiety Tips-How to Cope

Holidays can be rough, these tips will help you survive holiday anxiety. Holidays can be SUPER stressful. Even if you don’t have a complicated relationship with your family of origin, it’s possible that there’s tensions between you and some of your extended relatives (an overbearing mother in-law or nosy great aunt perhaps?). Maybe you’re nervous …

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Winter Beauty Tips

Let’s face it, winter is harsh. Everything about winter is dramatic-the temperature changes, the wind, the dry air…there’s a reason why when you look out your window everything is dead. Winter is a bully to all living things. As such, we as living things ourselves need to make some changes to our daily routines to …

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