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Making Money

Making money, or rather making MORE money is something almost everyone would like to learn more about. These posts area collection of ideas, tips and strategies for earning money from home, side hustles or other means of earning a little extra cash.

Driving Jobs Using Your Car

Shania Twain once sang “Okay, so you’ve got a car. That don’t impress me much”. But what DOES impress me is when someone turns their car into a literal money making machine! If you have your own vehicle (or even reliable access to one that isn’t necessarily in your name) you can start using that …

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teacher writing on a blackboard with chalk

Best Side Jobs for Teachers

Lets be real: we all know teachers are underpaid. There’s no shame in looking for summer jobs for teachers, or side jobs for teachers. Teaching truly is a passion project. A labor of love. Most people (okay all people) don’t get into teaching for the money. But that doesn’t mean that teachers should have to …

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