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Things Wealthy People Do Every Day

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10 Things Wealthy People Do Every Day-

Have you ever seen those features in the tabloids about how “rich people are just like us”? Well most of that is true, they ARE people just like us, but the important distinction is that there are things wealthy people do every day that the rest of us don’t. At least not consistently. By adopting the habits of the wealthy, we create habits that will ultimately lead us to success. Or at least that’s the hope, right?

Before anyone gets their feathers ruffled, I am not saying that ALL wealthy people do every single one of these things, and that ZERO poor or middle class people do them. These are just habits that are more commonly seen as trends among the wealthy. This is also not to say that people who are poor are all to blame for their own situations, so please don’t think I am saying that either, but the cumulative effect of some or all of these habits does seem to have some correlation to wealth.

Things Wealthy People Do Every Day

10 Things Wealthy People Do Every Day

They turn off “cruise control”

Simply put, the wealthy hustle. You may think rich people just sit around and count their money all day, but the true self-made millionaires have HUSTLE. They go out, they don’t coast, they don’t settle, they don’t get complacent. They have made up their mind and they will do whatever it takes to make it happen. If things don’t go their way, they brush themselves off and start again. They may change directions and strategy, but their eye is on the prize and they know that coasting isn’t going to get them where they want to go. This is possibly one of the most important things wealthy people do.
Key point: Don’t rely on the wind to push you where you need to go. Pull out your oars and get paddling!

They don’t take no for an answer

They aren’t pushy jerks, and they stay professional, but typically “no” doesn’t make them abandon their dreams. Think of all the famous authors whose books were snubbed by publishers only to later turn into multi-millionaires. Or inventors who had their ideas laughed at only to come back with the most amazing product ever. They keep their emotions in check-anger, fear, jealousy-they can all lead to career-ruining outbursts or perhaps almost as damaging: career-ruining self-doubt.
Key point: Don’t let the closing doors keep you afraid from opening a window.

They sacrifice now for benefit later

One of the most common things wealthy people do every day is they live for the future. Would they love to go out with friends every night? Or buy that perfect dress? Sure they would, but they know that nose to the grindstone now means a better future. That might mean retiring early, or putting in the work now to build their empire that will continue to grow throughout the remainder of their life. Instant gratification is not on the radar. If there’s one person in your office who decides not to ditch out early on Friday for happy hour, you might think of them as a butt-kisser but really they are putting in the work now so they can enjoy their success later.
Key point: “Work now and play later” or “don’t work now and pay later”.

They have a plan and a goal

You’ve probably heard the saying “a goal is a dream with a deadline”. This is the important distinction about goals. You set a deadline for yourself and hold yourself accountable. Millionaires didn’t “wish” to be successful, they planned to be successful, and as we learned above, they didn’t let anything stop them. If you don’t know where to start with your goal or plan, find a mentor you trust who can guide you.
Key point: Success rarely comes accidentally. Make a plan and achieve your goals.

They take good care of their bodies

You’ll often see wealthy people wake up early, hit the gym, drink lots of water and eat balanced meals. They get an appropriate amount of sleep, and they don’t abuse drugs or alcohol (of course, I’m talking about self-made millionaires, not people with accidental fame or celebrities). Their minds and bodies are their most valuable assets, and so they take good care of them. The better rested and nourished the body, the better able they will be to chase their dreams. They know that self care is a necessity, not a luxury.
Key point: Don’t rely on quick fixes-get rest and eat well. Nourish that body.

They read for business and pleasure

You won’t find most wealthy people spending hours and hours watching tv. But what sort of amusements are things that wealthy people do in their spare time? You will often find the most successful people spending their down time reading. Intellectual activities such as reading expand the mind, and in order to be successful, it helps to have a broad view of the world as well as an abundance of creativity. The millionaires of the world read lots of fiction AND non-fiction books, newspapers and websites to keep their minds agile and up to date with current events, economics, trends and more. A lot of wealthy people also listen to audiobooks during their commute. (If you want to try this out, head over here to get a free 30 day trial of Audible and two free audiobooks!)
Key point: Put down the remote and spend more time reading! Nourish that mind.

They live within their means

True wealth is built over time. People may become suddenly rich and famous, frivolously squandering their fortune on a fleet of luxury vehicles, a needlessly gargantuan home or any number of other wasteful things. The truly wealthy are often frugal in their habits, opting instead for more modest surroundings, which allow them greater freedom in the future. Think back to what I said earlier about how they don’t mess with instant gratification.
Key point: If you plan on keeping financial stability in the future, live within your means.

They go above and beyond

When we talk about things wealthy people do, “the bare minimum” is never on that list. Again, like I mentioned above, sacrifice now for benefit later. This includes exceeding expectations. You won’t find self-made millionaires cutting corners or slacking off. If you want to be successful, seek out ways to go above and beyond. Whether it’s taking on more tasks at work, taking on a side hustle or working on your dream while keeping a full time job. Busting their butts is one of the things wealthy people do in most cases when they are self-made millionaires.
Key point: Doing the minimum is not enough for the wealthy, it shouldn’t be enough for you either.

They don’t believe in luck (they make their own)

Never tell a self-made millionaire that they are “lucky”. There’s an old saying “the harder I work, the luckier I get”. Don’t sit around and wait for your good fortune to fall in your lap, make your own luck! The more you believe in yourself and less in the whims of chance, the better. Don’t waste precious dollars and time gambling, hoping for a stroke of luck. Keeping a positive will help fend off “bad luck” because you are attracting positive energy and putting positive energy into everything you touch.
Key point: Don’t blame your failures on bad luck, and don’t tempt fate with games of chance-the house always wins.

They don’t procrastinate

There’s a book called Eat That Frog that talks about choosing the thing you absolutely do NOT want to do off your to-do list and tackling it first. While the analogy is kind of disgusting, the point is that the most successful people don’t waste time procrastinating or putting of things they don’t want to do. They tackle them head first. Not only does this lift a weight off your shoulders, and give you a boost of motivation, but also it prevents things from being put off, neglected or forgotten. Tackle what you need to, then be done. This is something I am trying really hard to work on myself. I find my quality of work is better if I’m not racing the clock to finish by a deadline. This is another one of the things wealthy people do that really makes a big difference!
Key point: Pick the biggest, yuckiest thing on your to do list and tackle it NOW!

Generally speaking these habits have been linked to more successful people. Of course we can’t be all business all the time or else we burn out, so be sure to still integrate some FUN into your life. Successful people may not spend every night binge watching Netflix, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy an episode or two from time time. Be sure to find the right balance when incorporating these habits into your life.

Which of these things wealthy people do are you already incorporating into your daily life? Which ones do you think you’d like to try adopting? Do you think any of them are a bunch of baloney? Are there any you think should be on the list? I would love to hear your comments and thoughts below!

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