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What I’m Reading in March

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Last month I started a “what I’m reading” series to hopefully give you some good book inspo!

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Part of my goal with starting this series was to encourage myself to spend more “offline” time doing things like reading. I used to love it SO MUCH as a child and various things got in the way of that

But I’m bringin’ back my love for reading in a big way and would love for you to join me on this book journey.

Some folks love audiobooks. I tried SO HARD to get into them, I wanted it to work but I found that by just listening I wasn’t engaging enough of my brain and it was too easy to have my mind wander and miss out on big portions of the story. Thanks ADHD.

So instead I prefer good ol’ paper books BUT you can join me in reading these (or listening to em) however you choose!

I have a bunch of work travel the latter half of this month and things are going to be a bit chaotic so I chose only three books this month (plus let’s be real, I didn’t finish all of the books I’m reading from February so I got some catching up to do!)

Hopefully this inspires a few additions to your bookshelf!

What I'm Reading in March

What are some of the best books you’ve read lately?

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