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Cute Small Closet Organization Ideas

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I will be the first to admit it. I get closet envy. I’m talking about literal envy about people’s closets.

Is that weird?

If you’ve ever looked in someone’s closet and thought “DAYUM!” then this is the post for you.

Even if you don’t have a HUGE closet, or a fancy closet organization system, you can design a DIY closet that looks bougie but is still functional.

I am struggling with a real basic closet in our new house.

It’s just your builder-grade basic reach in closet with bi-fold doors and I hate it.

Not only is it small and impractical, but it also lacks pizazz.

It lacks personality. And if you’ve ever met me in person, you know that I have some PERSONALITY.

So I wanted to design a closet that spoke to me, even if it couldn’t be the Carrie Bradshaw walk-in of my dreams.

Wanna join me on my small closet organization journey?

I found some fun pieces that I am considering for my own makeover that I think you’ll love for small closet organization too!

What do you need to organize a small closet?

First look at your needs. What you have in your wardrobe is going to be different than mine. Chances are the space limitations are different too.

In general though, these basic categories are a good start for closet sprucing up:

  • Purse/clutch/bag storage
  • Hooks for robes or hats
  • Belt storage
  • Catch-all bins for odd-shaped things
  • Mirror
  • Shoe storage
  • Something inspirational (you stare into this space at least once a day, right? Might as well put something pretty and rejuvenating in there!)
  • Hangers (duh)

My theory on small closet organization

Since small closets mean less space, obviously you have to be more intentional about the pieces you select, but that doesn’t mean they have to be strictly functional (and ugly).

Your closet is often where you go to both start AND end your day, so having it be aesthetically pleasing in addition to being functional is really important.

If possible, incorporating some of your favorite colors (even in things as basic as hangers) or shapes/things can go a long way to brighten your mood. I know it seems silly, but starting your day off on the right foot with little details makes a difference!

Which is why I believe in including something inspirational. Whether it be your vision board, or your word of the year, or a pretty framed piece of art (if you have the space). It’s a great way to set your intention at the start of your day, and for reflection at night before bed.

It might not be the closet Carrie had in her “Heaven on Fifth” penthouse that was the size of two New York apartments, BUT you can make it “you” and you can make it pretty while also making it functional!

My Small Closet Organizing Picks

When you have a small closet that needs organizing it's important to find things that are durable, look good and bonus if they can serve multiple purposes! These closet picks are not only great for organizing but for making your closet FEEL like your own special place.

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