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Creative Ways to Save Money

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Looking for creative ways to save money in the new year? These tips will help you put away some cash!


Creative Ways to Save Money in the New Year- these tips will help you get out of debt, or add to your savings by using these creative ideas for saving money.

For some people, saving money is like scratching your nails on a chalkboard. It’s annoying, so you just do not want to do it. We all know that sometimes we need to do things that we do not want to do. This year get a grip on your money and start saving with these creative ideas.

5 Creative Ways to Save Money

Round Up That Change!

After each purchase round your amount to the nearest dollar. For extra savings, roundup in five-dollar increments. Every time you purchase something, round it up and add it to your savings. The more money your roundup with each purchase, the more you will be saving, but round to what you can afford, and are comfortable with.

I would encourage you to challenge yourself though. It may be easier, you do not even have to use cash for this one. Keep track of your purchases, and simply add your rounded amount up at the end of the week. Then transfer it from one account to another online.

Learn New Things

There are many expenses we could cut back on if we could just do them ourselves. Oil changes, haircuts, simple household fixes are all things that we generally rely on other people to take care of for us. Instead of paying them to do it, learn to do it yourself. It may take a few times before you are comfortable with cutting your child’s or spouses’ hair, but it will save you money in the long run.

Do Not Save Credit Card Info Online

It is super easy to hit the “remember me” button on websites you visit often. But that is the problem. You are making it too easy on yourself. Do not save your credit card number and billing address on your favorite sites. It is likely that after you hit the “add to cart” button you may reconsider your purchase. Once you remember that you must go get your wallet and type out your card information and address, your spending tune starts to change.


Whether it is taking your kids to school, or getting yourself to work, find ways to carpool with neighbors or friends. It is great for the environment and it will save you fuel, as well as extra maintenance on your car. If your area is new to carpooling, challenge the status quo.

Time Yourself at the Store

The more time you spend at the grocery store, the more likely you will be to make impulse purchases. If you go on a busy day when you only have a short amount of time between appointments, you will find that it is a lot easier to stick to your list, as you need to get in and get out quickly.

Looking for more creative ways to save money? Check out some of my other money saving ideas! Every dollar you save adds up! How do you plan on being creative with saving money in 2018?

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