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20 Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget

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20 Ways to Treat Yourself on a Budget- Sometimes when money is tight, we forget that we can still treat ourselves without spending a lot. Other times we splurge in the name of "treating ourselves" and wind up making our financial situation worse. These 20 ways you can treat yo'self will cost little to no money, but they'll make you feel like a million bucks!


“Treat Yourself” is a catchphrase you might hear often. It’s one that for the longest time I thought didn’t apply to me because we didn’t have any discretionary income. There was barely enough money to pay the bills, let alone any extras. For the longest time I didn’t treat myself at all, and when I did I was sick with guilt.

The truth is, you deserve to treat yourself whether or not you have extra money at the end of the month. Even if you can’t pay all your bills, you still deserve to treat yourself. It’s just HOW you “treat” yourself that matters. A lot of people think they have to splurge on themselves because they deserve it, but wind up digging themselves deeper in a financial hole.  Friends, I am here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that way! Treating yourself doesn’t have to cost much money, or any money at all.


While considering ways to to treat myself, I came up with this list and wanted to share with you 20 ways to treat YOURself!

  1. Give yourself a foot massage
  2. Give yourself a pedicure
  3. Shave your legs using coconut oil before bed and use fresh sheets
  4. Take a bubble bath
  5. Do your makeup for no reason
  6. Use the good china
  7. Have a cup of your favorite tea
  8. Go to bed when the kids go to bed
  9. Sleep in on the weekend (if you can’t sleep, lay in bed with a book)
  10. Have dessert for dinner
  11. Buy yourself a bouquet of fresh flowers (Trader Joe’s has amazing flowers cheap!)
  12. Make time to read a book you love
  13. Take a nap, preferably in a sunny spot
  14. Eat a cupcake and indulge without guilt
  15. Have an impromptu dance party-blast your favorite tunes and dance like no one is watching.
  16. Do yoga
  17. Meditate (guided or solo) or practice mindfulness exercises
  18. Invite your bestie over for a good ol’ fashioned slumber party (snacks and movies required)
  19. Snuggle under your favorite blanket and watch good tv (or bad tv)
  20. Find something that makes your heart sing and DO IT!

Bonus tip: Make a self-care survival kit. Check out the tips in this post for learning more about what I keep in mine. It’s been a total lifesaver!

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What’s your favorite way to treat yourself?



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