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Cheap Workout Clothes-Where to Find The Cute Stuff

Did you know you can find cheap workout clothes that are still really CUTE?

Where do you find cheap workout clothing? The answer is "lots of places!" There's quite a lot of expensive workout wear out there, but with a little searching you can find some of the cutest workout clothes cheap! Just because you're going to the gym doesn't mean you have to look like a slob! #fitness #inspo #workout #activewear #clothes #fashion

Okay, I will admit it guys. I am REALLY bad about working out. But when I do, I often go for the grubby, baggy t-shirt and baggy workout pants. And while we’re being totally honest here, it’s possible I may have even worked out in PAJAMA pants once or twice. (Gasp!)

I never really felt like finding cute workout clothes was a priority. I don’t workout as often as I should, and when I do, I hate every minute of it, so I should be in a big potato sack of self-loathing while I work out, right? Not exactly.

Turns out when I have cute workout clothes, I feel better about myself, which makes me feel less icky about working out which makes me actually sort of want to work out. And if that isn’t a reason to invest in some new workout clothes, I don’t know what is.

Buuuuut have you seen the price tags on some of those workout clothes? Yikes! If you buy some of these fancy shmancy workout clothes, you’re not gonna be able to afford your gym membership, know-what-I’m-sayin’?

So I thought today to motivate us a little, I would find some budget-friendly workout clothes that are of course CUTE and share them with y’all for a little inspiration. It’s even harder to find cute plus size workout clothes, so I am thinking another post might be in order later for my curvy girls. Would you be into that? Let me know!

Without further ado, here’s some fun, cute and cheap workout clothes perfect for any budget!

Where to find cheap workout clothes on a budget-there's SO many places you can get incredibly cute, trendy workout clothes for cheap! These are 10 of my favorites! #fitness #fashion #inspo clothes | cheap | budget | gym | workout | yoga | pilates | trendy | fashion

Where to Find Cheap Workout Clothes:

1. Amazon

Pretty much anything you will ever need EVER can be found at Amazon, but this includes cheap workout clothes. There’s so many cute things on here, obviously your favorite brands can be found on Amazon but also brands you might not have heard of. This is especially true of the newer up and coming brands from China. While there are some that are total garbage, check out the reviews and you’ll find that many of the pieces are made by the same companies that make your favorite popular brands just sell under a different label.

2. Old Navy

This might seem like an obvious choice but Old Navy often has great sales and if you watch the bottom of their website, there’s often surprise sales and coupons. Usually for 20-30% off on top of their sale prices for using your Old Navy card, signing up for their email list, etc. Don’t forget to check their clearance section too for even more deals.

3. Jane

This is a site you may not have heard of, but they have tons of cute stuff. It’s a site where the stock changes frequently, so you have to check back often, but they always have really great deals on very trendy clothing. Look around a bit and you’re bound to see tons of workout clothes. The downside is there’s not a way to sort the clothing by type on Jane’s website, BUT it’s like a little treasure hunt and when you find something awesome it makes it that much sweeter!

4. Forever21

Offering both regular and plus size workout clothes, Forever21 is affordable and fun. You’ll find tons of great options here, especially for workout clothing that is on-trend. They have everything from low impact sports bras to yoga pants, to cute cropped cardis. You probably won’t find much for the serious marathoner, but if you want to look Instagram-worthy while you sweat glitter, be sure to check out the cheap workout clothes at Forever21.

5. H&M 

Since the original writing of this list, H&M has been embroiled in controversy surrounding an advertisement that was racially insensitive. You can read more about it and their subsequent apology on their site, but since they were already a part of this list, I am still including them here but encouraging you guys to make your own judgement whether you choose to accept their apology and shop with them or not. There’s plenty of other great places to get cheap workout clothes if you choose to boycott H&M.

6. eBay

This might seem weird (who wants someone’s old sweaty clothes?) but you can often find new clothes with and without tags on eBay for much less than their retail price. Someone bought a top and tore the tags off only to find out it’s too big or someone bought a pair of cute yoga capris to “motivate them” only to later decide “namastay in bed” instead. If you don’t mind sifting through a lot of junk, you can find some really great stuff on eBay, especially brand and designer name stuff.

7. Goodwill

Same as with eBay, of course a good sanitizing load of laundry will clear out any leftover “ick”, but if the idea of “used” workout clothes skeeves you out, you can still hit up your local Goodwill. Often you can find brand new stuff with tags that has outlived it’s welcome in the clearance section of your favorite stores (like Target). This stuff is brand new, with the tags at insanely low prices. It might not be the current season, but with workout clothing that often doesn’t matter and you’ll still be able to unearth some really cute and cheap workout clothes.

8. ClothingUnder10

Full disclosure: I have never ordered from this site. I am a plus size girl and they don’t sell plus sizes so I have no personal experience with them, unlike the stores listed above. However, if you’re willing to risk a few bucks to try them out, it might be worth it. Unlike the name implies, not everything is cheaper than $10, but ClothingUnder10 does have a lot of really inexpensive clothing and cheap workout clothes that look really cute! It’s definitely worth checking out.

9. Zulily

Zulily is kind of like a daily deals site. The deals and selections are always changing, so if you check it out one day, the inventory might be different the next day. You’ll need to check back often, but sometimes you stumble upon a great find. There’s usually at least one offering of cheap workout clothes, and sometimes you’ll find more than one company offering a selection of activewear. Watch the sizing, some of the stuff tends to run small in my experience, but the prices are so good it more than makes up for the rare miss in sizing. Plus size ladies will be happy to know that favorite plus size brands like Melissa McCarthy and Rebel Wilson often have deals on Zulily too!

10. Target

I know, I know. Of course Target is a no brainer, but hear me out. Their C9 by Champion line has totally upped their game recently and now offers a ton of really great options for cheap workout clothes. In years past the selection was kind of ho-hum, but now they have all sorts of moisture-wicking workout clothes, supportive sports bras, cute leggings, the works. Don’t pass up Target as a great place to find cheap workout clothes. And don’t forget that this season’s Target clothes will become next season’s Goodwill fodder, so like I said, don’t forget to check Goodwill for some extra markdowns after Target writes them off! Plus, there’s lots of great ways to save money at Target.

Where to find cheap workout clothes on a budget-there's SO many places you can get incredibly cute, trendy workout clothes for cheap! These are 10 of my favorites! #fitness #fashion #inspo clothes | cheap | budget | gym | workout | yoga | pilates | trendy | fashion

There are lots more places where you can find cheap workout clothes. Really, the clearance section of any major retailer will be your friend. Don’t forget places like Nordstrom Rack, Macy’s, or even your favorite consignment store. There’s deals to be found everywhere, you just have to do a little searching!

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