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How {NOT} to Coupon

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This is a VERY important article for couponers new and old to read-it will help you be a happier, more successful couponer, and it will help alleviate some of the issues you have at the stores, and with fellow shoppers.An urgent reminder of what NOT to do when couponing…
The other day, my boyfriend Andrew and I were shopping at our local Rainbow store during their Double Daze promotion, where they offer 5 doubled coupons per transaction. You are allowed to do more than one transaction per person…some stores limit transactions to two per person, most will let you do more than that.

Andrew got in line behind a woman and her husband, who had not one, not two but FIVE separate transactions. He didn’t realize it when he got in line behind her, and by the time he noticed it was too late.

The cashier didn’t say anything, but that doesn’t make it right. I don’t think it’s right for my couponing, or anyone else’s for that matter, to interfere with other shoppers.

We often do 4-6 transactions when we go to a Double Daze event in order to maximize our savings. The catch is that no one is inconvenienced by our transactions because we do them separately. Before our trip, I break each transaction down, and file coupons accordingly for each transaction (see my post about The Hybrid Coupon Method) with a few “contingency coupons” in case something doesn’t work out according to my plan, or if they are out of an item. When we get to the store, I take Transaction #1’s coupons, and Andrew takes Transaction #2. We each get our own cart, sometimes we shop together (since he’s not always sure about items) sometimes we shop separately, but we ALWAYS checkout in separate lanes.

Once we have checked out separately, we walk to the car, unload our stuff, and go back in and repeat for our remaining transactions. We never hold up a line (it’s rude!) and we get BONUS exercise!!

All the extra cardio you can shake a stick at!

This may not work if you have small children, and it’s harder if you shop alone, but really it’s how everyone should do it. That extra cardio built right in is really nice too! Sure it takes us a little longer, but its a lot less stressful for us, the cashier, and the people behind us in line. Common courtesy is not so common anymore, and everyone is too focused on themselves. Think of the people stuck in line behind you, it’s not fair to them.
The problem is that when people get an idea in their head about what couponers are like, they will automatically apply it to the ENTIRE coupon community. That’s why people think couponers are rude, gluttonous, hoarders…because that is the image they have gotten from one or two “exceptions”. We as a community need to do our best to uphold the best possible image for ourselves by being polite, courteous, and by helping spread our love and knowledge for savings!

In conclusion-do whatever is necessary to maximize your savings (within the posted rules of the store where you’re shopping) but also go above and beyond as a Diplomat of Deals. Be courteous to your fellow shopper, be calm and collected at checkout, and share your knowledge with those who are interested.

~ Happy Savings! ~

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