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Unconventional Christmas Movies

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8 Unconventional Christmas Movies to Binge Watch Right Now- These movies are not your typical holiday feel-good movies, but they are definitely entertaining...and at least somewhat related to Christmas. So grab the remote, flip on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video or grab your DVD collection. These are 8 movies you might not think of that will offer a little variety to your typical holiday movies!

I know it’s hard to think about, but the holiday season is nearly upon us! The ABC Family (Freeform) 25 Days of Christmas starts on December 1st, but I mean, who wants to watch Miracle on 34th Street for the thousandth time? Ok, probably lots of people, but for those of us who want a little change of pace, these unconventional Christmas movies are the perfect solution!

In our family, A Christmas Story was a favorite, but we actually had one VHS that got brought out every single Christmas, and quoted mercilessly all holiday season long. My husband’s family had equally unconventional Christmas movies that they watched each year. Take a look below and see if any of your family’s favorites on the list, or see if you find any inspiration to break out of the rut of traditional Christmas movies! Be warned though: some of these movies are NOT appropriate for kids/family viewing. Always make sure to check the ratings and see if this is something you are comfortable watching with the family.

8 Unconventional Christmas Movies

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

It’s Christmas with the Griswold family! This one was a family favorite in my house growing up. We would all sit around the table quoting Clark, Aunt Bethany and Uncle Eddie. “Don’t throw me down, Clark!” This movie is weird, quirky and a little ridiculous at times, but then again, so is my family. Definitely top on my list!

Die Hard

This one was Mr. Frugality’s family favorite growing up. While other families watched It’s a Wonderful Life, his was watching Bruce Willis crawling through an air duct and making things explode. Of course, Christmas isn’t really an integral part of the plot…but it takes place during Christmas, so that counts right? At least that’s what he tells me…


Okay so this one isn’t really a “Christmas movie” in the conventional sense, but hey, that’s why this is a list of unconventional Christmas movies! If you’re looking for something creepy and nostalgic, this is the one to pick. Of course, there’s Phoebe Cates and her graphic retelling of why she no longer believes in Santa…so maybe not one for the kiddos.

Just Friends

I have two words for you. Ryan Reynolds. What’s not to love? This movie is hilarious, and it is totally under-rated! Don’t miss the ending, where Ryan Reynolds sings “I Swear” by All-4-One in a fat suit with a lisp. It’s perfection.

Trading Places

This iconic film is a classic. Oddly enough I have never seen it, so it’s going on my list of movies to watch soon! It’s supposed to be hilarious, and a high point in the careers of both Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd.

You’ve Got Mail

Another irreverent favorite of many, this Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks classic brings the story of unlikely love to a rom-com perfect for holiday snuggles. Back when the internet was new and exciting, you can show your kids what life was like before Tinder.

Lethal Weapon

The buddy cop movie to end all buddy cop movies, it’s definitely a classic. This well loved movie is another one I haven’t yet seen, so guess what I’m doing this weekend?

Santa’s Slay

I once saw this movie at a “bad movie night” and let’s just say it was so bad I blocked it from my memory. BUT if really bad movies are your thing and make you giggle, then you don’t want to miss this…uh…interesting interpretation of the Santa legend. Please please don’t watch this one with the kids! It’s an “over the top horror-comedy” that is definitely, well, over the top.


And there you have it, 8 movies you might not have considered “Christmas” movies, but they all have something to do with the holidays. While they may not be suitable for watching with the whole family, they would make a great date night choice, or even a little guilty pleasure indulgence while the kids are out sledding!

What unconventional Christmas movies would you add to this list?



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