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Easy No-Sew Scented Sachets

 No-Sew Drawer Sachets



I love it when clothes first come out of the dryer. They always smell so fresh and wonderful. Until my cat lays on them to siphon their warmth. That’s when the crisp, clean scent starts to fade. Then you put them in the drawers and after a while things just aren’t the same invigorating scent they used to be.

I have tried buying drawer sachets before, but they wind up being too floral or filled with overly potent potpourri that makes you smell like an old lady.

I decided I wanted to make some sachets for my dresser and my linen closet. I dug around looking for my sewing kit in our storage boxes in the garage and couldn’t find it. So, being my usual spacey self, I promptly forgot about the idea.

A few weeks later, I was walking through my local Fred Meyer store. If you don’t have those near you, its kind of like a small-scale Target. Anyway, I was wandering the accessories department and stumbled upon a rack of clearance socks and something clicked in my head. I remembered those sachets I wanted to make and thought “HEY! That might work!” So I grabbed a pair and headed for the checkout.

These sachets are sooo easy to make. I chose to use Downy Unstoppables, and picked the “fresh” scent because I didn’t want my stuff to smell super perfume-y but rather like clean, fresh laundry. And what better way to do that than with a laundry scent booster! You can use any scent you like, and any in-wash scent booster works (like Gain for example).  You could use other things too, whatever smells good to you. I chose socks with an open knit because I thought the scent would permeate better, but these are so strongly scented I don’t think you even have to worry.


Drawer Sachet

Simply cut the sock in half

 Sock Cut

Fill the “toes” with your selected scent booster (you only need a few tablespoons worth)

Filling sock

Tie with ribbon or yarn

 Finshed sachet

Toss in your drawer or closet

So easy!

I love that these are not sewn, so when the scent starts to fade (or you change your mind) you can just untie it, dump out the contents and start fresh! Keep it simple, folks!

There you have it. Easy peasy. You don’t even have to buy new socks, you could use old ones, or ones that are missing their mate. Pretty brilliant right?