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Coupon Commandment #8

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Back with the 8th Coupon Commandment. Helping you save the “almighty” dollar….

“Thou Shalt Tip Based On The Pre-Coupon Amount”
This commandment is not a complicated one, but it’s one that people (myself included) often forget. When you use a coupon for a service, whether it’s 10% off a hair cut, or a free birthday dinner at your favorite greasy spoon, it is important to remember that though the price was reduced, the service was not. Now, I am not here to preach to you what the appropriate tip percentage is, that is entirely your decision, however, please do make sure that when you are calculating that percentage, you do so based on the value of the service before the coupon. After all, you’re already getting a great deal, spending less than you would have anyway, what is a couple extra dollars thrown in to the tip amount going to hurt?
On the same token, you will notice that you are also TAXED on the pre-coupon amount.  If you live in Minnesota like me, you don’t pay tax on most grocery items, so you don’t always notice this, but when you buy taxable items, your tax is in fact calculated on the pre-coupon total. Therefore, if you are buying taxable items, you will never have an actual zero balance. This is unfortunate, but beyond our control of course. The only possible way to achieve a zero balance on your transaction is if you actually have overage that your store will allow you to keep, but that is slightly off topic…
Remember: The service you receive is the same whether or not you pay full price for it. Be sure to show your appreciation by tipping your service provider (hair stylist, manicurist, server, etc) accordingly and appropriately.
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