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Coupon Commandment #7

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We resume the teachings today with Coupon Commandment #7. Let us save.

“Thy Coupon Karma Conquers All”

Often when people think of “couponers” they think “extreme couponers”. The next word that often pops out of their mouths is “hoarders”.  While this may be true with some couponers, the majority of the community is not into “hoarding”. In fact, it’s often quite the opposite.

Most of the time people who coupon only buy enough of an item to last their families until the next time that item is at it’s rock-bottom price. This practice is called “stockpiling”. The term can be misleading, as many times people think a stockpile will consume a person’s entire home, as well as their life. In 99% of the cases, this is not true at all.
More often than not, when a fantastic freebie or money-making deal comes along, a couponer only purchases what their family needs. On the occasion where it’s too good a deal to pass up, sometimes there are extras left over. Things no family could possibly need that many of. So what does a prudent couponer do? They donate!
I recently was able to donate an entire car-load of various household and toiletry items to a family who had a single mother, and was until recently, homeless. This is something I have always been wanting to do, but never financially able to support myself and make generous donations. Once I started couponing, I noticed that I did have extras of things, and when I heard the story from a friend about the single mom living in a park with her two children, I knew I had to do whatever I could (even though it’s not much) to help!
The lesson in this week’s Commandment is to always help thy “neighbor”.  Whether it’s helping someone you know, by giving away groceries or donating items to a food bank or shelter, there is always someone in need who can benefit from your gift of savings.  Animal shelters are no exception- not only do they need donations of food and cat litter, but did you know you can often donate the newspapers after you pull out your inserts? That’s right! They use the newspaper to line the cages of the animals in their care! Some will also take other items, even things like KY jelly, for use in medical examinations.
Wanna do one better? Teach someone to coupon! By sharing how to coupon, you are fulling that whole “teach a man to fish” adage.  What better way to help a friend get back on their feet financially then to teach them how to coupon! Not sure where to start? Send them to and tell them how awesome it is! They can check out the Beginner’s Lounge and learn all sorts of helpful starter info! Then they too will not only know how to coupon, but be able eventually to pass along the savings through donations and teaching THEIR friends! It’s the saving circle of life!
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Monday 16th of January 2012

Thanks again Janene! I am glad you find the site useful, and I love it when people donate to those in need. It's especially sweet when, like me, I have never had the financial means to donate. It's great to help give back to those in need.


Sunday 15th of January 2012

Donation -- what a wonderful way to share your bounty (or should I say 'Bounty' if it's paper towels). I'll have to remember that next time I see a hot deal. Thanks!