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Why I Bought 20 Boxes of Breadcrumbs: An Overage Overture

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If you haven’t read this post already, it’s definitely one worth reading. I wrote it last year and it explains overage, which can be your best friend IF your store allows it. (Most Walmart stores do, Rainbow and Target do not)

No, I have not completely lost my mind.

Yes, I really did buy 20 boxes of breadcrumbs. Why? Keep reading!

Remember earlier when I explained overage? I also posted a link to the the Panko Breadcrumbs coupon earlier. Why did I need 20 boxes? Well not only do they last a very very long time, and I can donate the extra, but also because of the overage they provide. The regular price on these at Walmart is $1.86 per box. The coupon is for $3.00 off any one box. This means that for every box I buy, I make $1.14. When I bought 20 boxes, I actually ended up MAKING $22.80.  Is it a little extreme? Yes. Do I expect that everyone will do the same? No, of course not. But I am explaining how this all works for you in case you decide you want to try your hand at the crazy savings.

Here is what I got, and at the end I will tell you what I paid:

20 boxes of Panko Breadcrumbs
5 rolls Bounty Paper Towels
1 bag of shrimp
1 package sirloin steak
1 package of hamburger patties
1 20oz bottle of Diet Coke

What did I pay out of pocket? Drumroll……$2.97

So what am I going to do with ALL those breadcrumbs? Well we will keep some of them but many of them will go in our donation box to donate to a food shelf with some of our other extra items. Basically what I did was use the overage from the breadcrumbs to pay for the meat and shrimp.  This is how we can afford things like steak and shrimp that we wouldn’t normally be able to afford to buy. Even if you aren’t comfortable buying 20 of an item such as this, you could still use the overage from 1 or 2 boxes to help cut your costs. It all adds up!

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