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Paleo Brownie Bites with Coconut Frosting

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paleo brownie bites

A few months ago, I decided to start making changes in the way we were eating and going for a “clean” eating lifestyle. I wanted to start getting more fruits and vegetables into our diet, and less processed junk. Then about a month ago, I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes (I had already been diagnosed with insulin resistance and PCOS, so this wasn’t a huge surprise) and I knew I needed to start taking my health seriously. So I embarked on a low carb lifestyle change. Initially it was rough, then it got easier.

And then Easter came.

Easter in my house has always been about candy, chocolate and treats. You can’t walk into a store this time of year without being bombarded by pastel sugar time-bombs. As days drew closer and closer to Easter, I was finding it harder and harder to resist all the chocolate temptation. I knew something was going to have to give. I did a little searching online and found this great recipe from The Healthy Foodie and I realized there was hope for those of us looking to skip the sugar, but still get that chocolate fix! Cue the Paleo Brownie Bites with Coconut Cream Frosting!

The great thing about this recipe is that not only are they Paleo and made without sugar they are also gluten free AND with a minor tweak (using an egg substitute like banana and a sweetener like agave) it can easily be made vegan too.

The recipe totally squashes any chocolate craving you might be having. This was definitely more popular with dark chocolate fans than milk-chocolate fans, but I think anyone with an appreciation for chocolate will enjoy these rich, chocolatey bites.

Here’s the low down, adapted from The Healthy Foodie (side note: hers are way prettier than mine)


So that’s it. Easy as pie. Though that isn’t really true, because these are way easier than pie. So if you’re craving chocolate, but can’t load up on sweets, you’re totally gonna want to Pin this Paleo Brownie Bites recipe.

What do you think of these Paleo Brownie Bites?



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