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Extreme Couponing….Realistically

Many people have asked me if couponing is actually worth it. They say that they don’t want to spend all that time clipping and sorting to save 50 cents here and there. How could the savings actually be worth the time spent? What can you actually save? Well your results will of course vary depending on how diligent you are about clipping and how organized you are, and how you do your research. I try to make it as easy as possible for others to save, and if you learn from what I post here, there is no reason at all why you can’t save anywhere from 25% to 50% every time you go to the grocery store. And that is on TOP of sale prices. Toiletries you should save anywhere from 50-75% or more. In fact as you will learn, many things like first aid items, over the counter medications, shampoos, deodorants and razors can often be found completely free.
Before I started using coupons, we were spending upwards of $400-500 a month on groceries.  That is not counting going out to eat on multiple occasions. And I was even buying generic whenever possible and doing without a lot of extras (snacks and whatnot) and other things we enjoy. Then I saw an article online about an extreme couponer, and I thought to myself “wow that girl is crazy. Why would you ever want to shop like that?” Well since starting couponing, I have been able to whittle our grocery total down to 50 bucks a week! That is like saving over $300 a month! To me, it has been SO worth the time and effort, because not only do we save $300 a month on food, but more on toiletries, pet food, etc PLUS we get MORE for the $50 a week than we ever did before. I have items and goods now I couldn’t get before. Those little extras that I used to take for granted.  When money is tight you cut out all sorts of creature comforts. Now I can afford nicely scented laundry detergent, or specialty shaving cream, or steaks or the automatic toilet bowl cleaners which I love so much! These things aren’t essential to life, but it sure makes life a little more pleasant when you can afford them. And if they are free or close to it, everyone can afford them! It is a totally different mindset, because we are always trained to think that the less you spend the less you get, and that “saving” is a bad word that means missing out on things you love. I promise you it’s just not true!

As I have mentioned before, you may not get $1200 worth of groceries for a dime, but you will make a huge dent in your grocery budget. Best part is the more you do the couponing, the more in-tune with deal finding you become. It requires less and less effort as you go along because you will get more efficient at it, and you will save more and more, because you are learning how to read ads and spot deals of your own!

As always questions and comments are welcome and sharing my post or my website are greatly appreciated!
Thanks and Happy Saving!