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Coupon Commandment #2

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Here is the next installment of the Coupon Commandments…guidelines for successful couponing from yours truly. Click READ MORE to continue. Enjoy!

“Thou Shalt Be Organized” 
My pantry. HAHAHAHA yeah right!
So the rumors are true. I have been certified as the world’s LEAST organized person. I can’t find my checkbook when it comes time to write the rent check. I can’t tell you where most of my socks are. Frankly, I might not even own any…I just wind up stealing Andrew’s! But there is one thing that I keep organized, and you should too. I am super organized when it comes to coupons, because it just makes it that much easier.
If you haven’t already seen my Coupon Database, you will need to take a look at it (hint: you can find it on the sidebar to the right by clicking on “Coupon Database”).  This is just an example of the level of organization I take when it comes to coupons.
Now, you don’t have to be quite so particular, but I will promise you that #1 it actually makes things EASIER when it comes to coupons being organized, and #2 it makes things a LOT HARDER when they are not. Why? Because you will eventually accumulate a LOT of coupons. If they are all over the place and half of them are expired, you are going to have a very difficult time keeping up with sales and match ups. 
Let me give you an example: let’s just say that THIS horrific specimen is your coupon binder. You just found out there’s a great deal making for free coffee and you have to hurry to the store to get in on the deal before it is gone. How are you going to find the necessary coupons?
 This is not my binder, but that of a converted couponer who shall remain nameless…. 
Now, how could you possibly keep up with deals when dealing with that hot mess? Tsk tsk girlfriend. 🙂
In case you are wondering, we finally got her back on the right track: 
 But the importance of organization goes beyond just the coupons and inserts themselves. You want to also be organized when you shop, making careful lists ahead of time so that you make sure you are getting the best deal.
It is also very important to keep your pantry or stockpile organized as well. Make sure that you label products with their expiration dates, as well as ensure items are rotated, using oldest items before newer ones. This can be especially challenging when there are other people or children using items from your stockpile, so you may want to be sure everyone understands this rule so that items do not spoil! Even if it is free, it should never go to waste. If you are not going to use something before it expires, remove it from your pantry and give it to a friend who will use it, or donate to a local food shelf, but more on that in future commandments!
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