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Category: Saving Money

Star Wars Deals Kohls

Fun Star Wars Finds at Kohl’s

By now you have probably seen the viral video known as “Chewbacca Mom” or “Happy Chewbacca Lady“. If you haven’t seen it, you’ll definitely want to watch it because it is absolutely hilarious. But its more than just funny, its genuine. It’s real. The woman who made the video wasn’t trying to go viral, she …

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shop green live green Blinq

Saving Money with BLINQ

There are two things I really enjoy. One of course, is getting a great deal. The other is helping people. This of course, is the very reason that An Exercise in Frugality came to be. I started out teaching people how to coupon, and posting daily updates of deals. That passion for deals and helping …

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Where to Buy Cheap Furniture

It’s no secret that I love a good deal. But those good deals go beyond coupons at the grocery store and bargains on clothing. I love good deals all around the house. That includes furniture. Furniture can be really expensive, and while quality pieces will typically last a lot longer sometimes the budget doesn’t allow. …

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