Hey savvy shoppers! I’m Rose from An Exercise In Frugality. I am honored and humbled that people enjoy reading my site and saving money as much as I do!

A quick intro to me: I live in Minnesota Oregon with my wonderful husband Andrew, my dog Bear, and my cat Loki. I started couponing in July of 2011 as a financial necessity. We were broke, in debt and on a dangerous path.  Since I have learned to coupon, I have saved literally thousands of dollars, enabling us to get our finances back on track, and save money to pay for our wedding, and purchase our first home (which we plan to do in the next year!).

An Exercise In Frugality is 100% about teaching everyone how to save through the use of coupons.  You don’t have to pay for a book or a class. Just free knowledge from someone with a passion for saving!

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Love it here? The only way I know that I rocked your socks off is if you tell a friend. Give me a shout on any social media. I play nice with others! I do this because I love to help people. Please tell me how I’m doing!

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Questions? Comments? Reach out to me at : rose@anexerciseinfrugality.com


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