How To Make A Budget Baby Shower Basket


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If you’re in your 20’s-30’s, chances are you have friends that are starting to get married and have kids. This is an expensive time in our lives, because not only are we trying to start lives and families of our own, but we want to give a nice gift to our friends without breaking the bank. So how do you purchase a nice gift for someone without going broke? Gift baskets!

Last summer, I was invited to the baby shower of a good friend of mine from high school, who was having a baby boy.  I wanted to get her a gift that was most importantly, useful, but also one that wouldn’t make me go broke (baby stuff is EXPENSIVE!). I didn’t want to be “cheap” either, because she’s a good friend. Quite the predicament. So what did I do? I got a little creative.

You can purchase a basket, or use a nicer one you already have. I lined the basket with decorative tissue paper, and filled it with baby essentials: diapers, ointment, baby bath, onesies, socks,etc. Then to make it look pretty, I decorated the stacks of diapers with ribbon and topped it off with a monkey blanket. The baby clothes were the most expensive part, but I went in on the gift with a friend, and she contributed most of the baby clothes.

Now, to make this basket for even less, look for coupons for the items. Often Target has printable store coupons for Circo crib sheets and things of that nature. You can always find printable coupons for diapers, wipes, baby food, toiletries and more.
If you’re looking for more things to put in the basket, why not throw in a couple things for mom? Some nice bubble bath, chocolates, or if she’s bottle feeding, you could give her some nice coffee (chances are she’s gonna need it!) What are some other things new moms love?

UPDATE: Here’s another gift basket I made for a different friend having a baby boy. Apparently I have a fixation with little monkies. Cuteness!


What do you think of this Baby Shower Gift Basket idea?

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  1. 1

    Dawn says

    I always do this for friends, it seems that girls in our generation forget about the essentials. I do a basket with diaper rash creams in trail size (usually 2 or 3 different types), gas drops, wipes, baby Tylenol and Motrin,, teething rings, pacifiers, pacifier clips, bottle brush, little basket for the dishwasher, baby wash and lotion all in a nice cute basket or storage tote.

  2. 8


    Wow, this is right on time for me, I have a shower next weekend for my cousin and she’s having twin boys! This is a great way to be creative and not really bring the same things that everyone else has brought, or at least dress it up better! Thanx

  3. 10

    Courtney says

    I do this with a pack of receiving blankets, some baby oxiclean as well (I LOVE that stuff)! And I put it all in a laundry basket, rather than decorative basket..

  4. 12

    Melanie says

    I’ve recently done up a basket like this for my sister in law. Instead of a basket I used a ‘lil tykes wagon. It was $25 at walmart and looks SUPER cute. I also have been buying the stuff to fill it: diapers, wipes etc over time when I see it on sale. So its a pretty impressive gift without spending a big amount of $$$.

  5. 14

    Nichole Lewis says

    This is so amazing! You can also do the onesies and socks like cupcakes! Or any of those other neat ways to present some of the loose clothing items. I usually do the cupcakes…. But to add those in this AMAZING!!! VERY great idea… I’m one of four close friends pregnant so this will come in handy for the slew of baby showers on the horizon

  6. 16


    I always give safety items, outlet covers, door latches, etc. These things are usually forgotten about because they are not very cute, but are always needed. Also since the safety pieces usually have a life span of about one toddler they are good for 2nd or 3rd baby gifts too. After throwing in several of these inexpensive necessities I don’t feel so bad about including an outfit or stuffed animal that is super cute but might not get as much use.

  7. 18

    Melanie says

    As a shower gift for my first child I received a small container (about the size of a small tackle box) filled with medical type stuff from my best friend who was in nursing school at the time….a thermometer, medical pacifier, diaper rash cream, etc.. She even labled it as Mara;’s med kit.. Over 13 years and a handful of moves later my whole family now know that is still the med kit and i use it for first aid items.

  8. 20

    Becca says

    If you don’t mind me asking, about how much did it cost to put together this basket? I’m trying to figure how much I need to budget for a friend’s shower while still giving something of this quality presentation. Thanks!

    • 21


      I don’t mind at all Becca! I don’t have an exact amount, because I actually did this with a friend of mine. The basket I already had on-hand but you can get really nice baskets for cheap at Michael’s or even a thrift store (if they are in good shape). I used coupons for the diapers and the wipes at a local store that doubled. The clothes were on sale at Target and I used coupons on the bath stuff. I believe we came in at around 40 for everything, but the biggest expenses were the blankets and clothes. If you’re looking to cut cost further, you could skip the clothes and use coupons on the rest of the items. If you did just diapers and other “essentials” and use coupons I’m confident you could do a lovely basket for around $25. The key is the presentation. The ribbon and stuff jazzed it up and only added a couple dollars to my total cost. :) Hope this helps!

      • 22

        Amber says

        Not sure if I’m allowed to share website names but for several showers now I’ve ordered off and they have been super cheap and I just watch for sales. I LOVE your idea because I just wrap the box and its just so boring but I didn’t know how else to give them since the Mom’s already had diaper bags. I am using this for my sister in about a month :)

  9. 23

    marie says

    I love all of the ideas my daughter is going to have baby number 4 in feb and it has been 7yrs since last baby so new ideas r great thank you.

  10. 25

    Martina says

    Great idea, my sister and I just did something similar for our sister in law only we used a set of plastic sterlite drawers and each drawers was a slightly different theme, top clothes, toys and books. Second feeding, with sippy cups, plastic plates, toddler silverware, bibs, breast milk bags, snoothies and formula single packs ( I think they are great for new nursing moms that are concerned with the amount baby is getting or struggling u can use one and not let a large can go to waste). Last was bath and 1st aid with lots of baby was, lotion, shampoo, diaper cream, gas drops, Advil, Tylenol, theme and nail flippers and gift card. We also have lot of wipes on the side. I also love the laundry basket idea, I got one at my 1st baby shower.

    If you use the new target cartwheel app you may find extra savings especially if you hit one of their baby sales weeks and pay using a red card you van save tons

  11. 27

    Kelly says

    Love this idea! I’ll be adding baby Vicks to the basket I’ll be putting together. Just thought I’d share that for others who may wanna throw that in their baskets as well! It was something I was so thankful for after I recieved it at my own baby shower!

  12. 29

    Aley K. says

    Co-workers and I (we are also good friends) do this for baby showers, house warming, and wedding gifts. We try to start as soon as we know when the party will be and look for essential items on clearance or on sale (use coupons in conjunction with sale items for additional savings depending on store), hence start as soon as you know so you have time to look and shop. For baby gift baskets I like going to the dollar tree for some of the stuff like travel size diaper trash bags, which are great to keep in the car and in diaper bag as it can also be used for putting soiled clothes/bibs in. I also found disposable baby bibs, bottle brushes, and other little essential items that help out but don’t break the bank. Most of the time the most expensive item is the basket itself. :)

  13. 30

    Laura says

    Cute basket! I love doing gift baskets for friends’ showers (I recently did a packed diaper bag too, because I got a really good deal on the bag). My one problem with this is opening the pack of diapers just for display. It isn’t really sanitary to open it and handle them, and then have them sitting out (which they may sit for some time, depending on timing of the shower, size of the baby, etc), especially for little girls. I’d recommend leaving the diapers in the sealed package.

  14. 31


    My mom and I always give a gift like this for baby showers. We get either a basket or a baby bath then fill it with shampoo, baby powder, lotion, nail clippers, q-tips, cotton balls, soap, wash clothes, baby towels, blanket, nasal aspirator, wipes, booties, mittens, sometimes we even include plug outlet covers and other safety items that new parents will need, and we might include a rattle or a rubber duck. It’s always little things that a new mom needs but that many forget to get.

  15. 35

    cherri moore says

    I have been using this technique of gifting for years. I crochet, knit or quilt a blanket that can grow with the baby and include it too. I try to go for the items that aren’t the traditional gifts. Some of these are Tylenol, Motrin, thermometers, safety his, spa items for the mom. I always do these types for Christmas too. Thanks for the ideas!

  16. 37

    Anonymous says

    The ideal for a gift basket for a baby shower is super. Have to used your ideal of a gift basket instead of a diaper cake, thanks!!!!!

  17. 38

    Adana F says

    Love this idea! I can usually find TONS of cute baskets at the Goodwill store and other thrift shops!! Am going to make this for a friend’s baby shower this weekend…can’t wait to get started!

  18. 40

    Brandy says

    I have done a variation of this idea and used a portable toy box that looked like an animal also have used a laundry basket and included items along with dreft laundry detergent.

  19. 41

    Rebecca says

    I love to make baskets too! My favorite one to make is a breastfeeding basket. I will include items such as 2 oz storage bottles, nipple cream, quick clean wipes & steam bags for breastpumps & accessories, if I know what pump they are using, I will add in extra pump supplys like tubes, flanges, valves & membranes. I even type up a Tips, Tricks & Tactics pamplet for the new mommy AND daddy. If they have already picked a name for baby, I will embroider the name on a receiving blanket or burp clothes or bibs. I make a smaller basket or small bag to go inside the gift basket for things strictly for the new mommy. Like water bottle, a dry mix in a mason jar for lactation cookies with a the recipe so they can add the wet ingredients & even make more later, bubble bath, gum, ponytail holders, etc. I color cordinate everything to the theme of the baby shower. My sister always goes in half with me and we spend about $25 a piece. The new mom is always so excited. And know one else ever brings these items that a breastfeeding mother is going to need.

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