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Coupon Commandment #2

Here is the next installment of the Coupon Commandments…guidelines for successful couponing from yours truly. Click READ MORE to continue. Enjoy! COUPON COMMANDMENT #2:  “Thou Shalt Be Organized”  My pantry. HAHAHAHA yeah right! So the rumors are true. I have been certified as the world’s LEAST organized person. I can’t find my checkbook when it …

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Coupon Commandment #1

I am staring a series of 10 posts called the “Couponing Commandments”.  In each post you will find a couponing “guideline” to live by. If you follow the ten Coupon Commandments you will reach savings nirvana easily and peacefully! Click READ MORE to get started.

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Who Says Saving Isn’t Sexy?

Welcome! There’s a few things you should know about this website. First things first- If you follow the guidance in these pages, you WILL save money. Even if you don’t follow exactly, you will be paying less than you currently do for items you use every day. The bad news? There isn’t really…it just takes …

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