$.99 Purina Dog Food!

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In case you missed this yesterday, I am going to repost this deal because it’s too awesome to miss! Target has the 3.5lb bags of Purina ONE beyOnd dog food on sale for $5.99 this week (through 1/21). But I can help you make this deal even sweeter!

You will be using the $5 off any one bag of Purina ONE beyOnd dog food. It’s that simple. Now that $5.99 bag of dog food will only cost you $.99!! This is a great price to stock up, and that is exactly what I am doing myself. My dog is in the 70-80lb range with a 150lb appetite. If you have a dog (or several) or if you know a shelter that is in need, you definitely need to pick these up! Purina One Beyond is a great brand, generally one of the higher priced non-specialty foods. So that makes this deal even better.

This would be a good time to remind you that you can in fact order pre-clipped coupons from a number of clipping services. I find a lot of them on Ebay as well (just search for the specific coupon, ie: Purina One Beyond Coupons). If you are going to use this method, there are some things you should know. The service cannot legally charge for the coupons themselves. What they are charging you for is their time, effort and postage. That being said, you should never pay more than about 1/10th the coupons face value, plus a little extra for postage. I just bought 20 of these Purina One Beyond coupons (it’s a great deal and we go through a LOT of dog food!) and paid about $11 including postage. Do not overpay for the coupons, because it’s a waste. I generally don’t buy coupons unless it makes something free, but these are very high value coupons for an item I use every day. Also, if you are using Ebay, I recommend only buying from services relatively within your region (you want them to arrive within the week via regular mail) and I do not purchase coupons from auctions, only the ones that say “Buy Now”. That way you get them as soon as possible!
Hope these helpful tips are…well, helpful!
Let me know if you scored this great dog food deal!

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