Target Markdown Schedule!


Remember being a kid and wanting to be a secret agent? Maybe that was just me, but I love to have top secret “insider” information…and I never could keep a secret. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you knew when Target was going to markdown items for clearance? Because if you knew when a given item would be clearanced, you could get first dibs on all the new markdowns…well today is your lucky day. I give you your early Christmas gift: The Target Markdown List!

Here’s the Target Markdown Schedule:

Monday: Electronics, Kids clothing and stationary.
Tuesday: Domestics, women’s clothing, pets and grocery.
Wednesday: Men’s clothing, toys, lawn & garden, health and beauty items.
Thursday: Housewares, lingerie, sporting goods, shoes, music, DVDs, books and luggage.
Friday: Auto, cosmetics, hardware, and jewelry.


What about holiday items? Because you KNOW they will have extra holiday stuff, so when do they mark it down and when does it get further reduced in price? Well, Target typically follows the 3-2-2 markdown method. This means that the first 3 consecutive days after the given holiday (Christmas for example) the seasonal items for that holiday will be marked 50% off. The two days following that, they will get marked down 75%. The two days after that, 90% and then following that, they will get donated or discarded.Usually items are pretty picked over even in the 75% off window, but sometimes you get lucky if someone returned an item or if they had a particularly large quantity.  Your best bet is to get there early the day an item is to be marked down, as they are usually in the computer system right away at their correct (lower) price, but often the signs and tags may not be changed till around noon. That means with your inside edge, you could get items that other customers pass up because they don’t realize the prices have been reduced already! What a great advantage to have!So now you know Targets “secret” markdown strategy. It isn’t really a secret at all, but a tool that will help you shop smarter and stay savvy!

*Note: This is not 100% guaranteed for every Target, as the management may handle markdowns differently. It’s best to double check prices with a price scanner or call ahead to confirm.

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