No New Inserts??

There’s an unfortunate truth that every couponer must face at some point or another. Usually it isn’t so early in your couponing career, but it just so happens to have turned out this way for those of you who are just starting on this journey to savings with me. There is something I haven’t told you yet….the ONE downside to couponing…

Holiday weekends. They are a blessing, a lovely time to spend with family…but not so good for coupons. You see, the holiday weekend papers have NO coupons in them (generally speaking). This included the Thanksgiving weekend paper. This weekend AND next weekend, there will be no coupon inserts. What a crappy thing to have happen especially for those of you new to coupons! But don’t let it discourage you, and DEFINITELY don’t let it change your mind about coupons! There will still be printable coupons online as well as e-coupons. Use this time to do some more research via my blog and other sources on the internet to fully prepare yourself to start the new year in full coupon action! I am going to keep posting any deals I can find in the mean time, as well as helpful tips on how to start couponing, as well as hone your savings skills!

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