SQUEEEE! So excited! There is amazing news to share…and I can hardly contain my excitement! Do you want in on the news? I bet you do…read on!

So after much disappointment I posted an article on the lameness of the lack of coupons on holiday weekends. But, I learned yesterday that there was going to be a P&G insert this coming Sunday…THEN today I learned that there will be not 1, but at least FOUR inserts in this weeks paper! There could be five depending on where they release a second Red Plum (it’s likely a regional insert).  This is amazing for a regular week, let alone a holiday. What a pleasant surprise and a GREAT way for you all to start off your year couponing with a bang!

If you are on the fence about coupons, let me just say that you don’t have to start out fanatical. Take a few minutes, clip a couple and bring them to the store. You will only save a few dollars, but keep reminding yourself that those few dollars you spent, can now be used (or saved) for something else. Try this experiment: Clip enough coupons to save yourself $5.00. Now take that $5.00 and buy a five dollar item, whether it be a latte, or a new makeup product, or whatever. Then…sit and think about how that five dollar item was in fact FREE because you used money you saved from coupons. Just imagine that feeling on a much larger scale!

If you don’t already have a New Year’s Resolution, make your resolution to save money (without sacrificing brand names, favorites, or living with less…because you don’t have to!). Join my journey of savings, and please: if you find something here helpful, or interesting, or if it saves you a few bucks, please share a link to my site on your Facebook wall, Twitter, or simply tell a friend. And as always, I love to hear your stories of savings! I will be the first to cheer you on!

So good luck, and stay tuned for matchups throughout the week. Make sure to get several copies of this weeks paper (remember the Early Sunday edition is a dollar cheaper per copy!) and I will keep you posted on what deals come up!
Happy Saving!


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    Anonymous says

    Super excited for multiple inserts!!! Thanks for the heads up!! You may want to remind people to get their papers early since they sell out quickly.

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    Great point! You heard it folks- lots of awesome coupons this week may mean a shortage of papers so get yours early and don’t forget to double check to make sure that yours contains at least 4 inserts before you buy them. Sometimes people steal them out of the paper. (Don’t be one of those people!)

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